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Music Theatre Show for Young for Adults for All! in the Theatre in your Space!


“Tik Tak Do” is a story about making things happen against all odds. A humane tale of boy named Vaccai who sets forth to the unknown where whimsical worlds unravel ahead, strange encounters with Bach, Mozart & Beethoven who encourage Vaccai’s return to his village to confront the conqueror vicious King and his assistant the enamored fiendish Witch who have bewitched its inhabitants.


One of our main objectives of our show “Tik Tak Do” is to strengthen the critical thinking of our audience, creating active spectators, while avoiding sterile moralizing. We want to convey, through the journey of our hero, values ​​of personal and social existence. Values ​​such as:

  • We believe that music is an international language of emotions thus making it an important part of each child's learning In “Tik Tak Do”, our young spectators are given the opportunity to meet the composers Bach, Mozart, Beethoven with ample humor, with the ultimate aim of mobilizing their interest in classical music. In conclusion, “Tik Tak Do” is a project aimed at presenting contemporary problems through classical music, combined with the structure of classical fairy tales.




Characters of the Play


In Our Fairy Tale The King who dominates the village of Do and demands only his music to be heard. He also built walls around the village so that no one can get in or out. Jean Sibelius [1865 – 1957] Finnish composer and violinist. He is considered the greatest composer in his country. He wrote a number of musical works, from one point onwards, inspired, primarily, by the Finnish tradition. His manuscripts have not been saved since he burned it on his own one day in 1945.

Aria Antica

In Our Fairy Tale Witch Aria Antique is Sibelius devious assistant! She secretly admires Sibelius and wants to marry him! Aria antica [musical term] The word “aria” comes from the Greek word “αήρ” (= air). It appeared as a musical genre in the 14th century and was originally used to describe every expressive vocal melody. Today, the same term describes an autonomous vocal piece accompanied by instruments or usually by a complete orchestra. “Aria Antiques” today are the surviving solistic parts of 17th-century operas.


In Our Fairy Tale Vakai is the central hero of “Tik Tak Do”. The young man who decides to leave the frightened village of Do, in order to find a way to bring happiness back to the village. Nicola Vaccai [1790 – 1848] Italian composer, mainly of opera, as well as a lyric singer. His most important work is “Metodo pratico del canto”, in which he proposes introductory exercises for beginners in lyrical singing.

Bella Cantada

In Our Fairy Tale Bella Cantada is Vaccais aunt, but she’s hiding her true identity even to him. Bel Canto [musical term] The musical term bel canto refers to Italy’s 18th-century vocal technique. Emphasis is given less on expression or emotion and more on the beauty of sound and the integrity of interpretation.


About Us

Tik Tak Nto Theatre Company was founded in June 2017 in Athens, Greece. It’s made up of interdisciplinary artists: actors, writers, designers, musicians and people specializing in drama and music education, collaborating to create new work and original theatre. We seek the role of theater in today’s society. Through our performances, we invite all posible audiences, to revise their idea of ​​theater as a means of entertainment, challenging what we, people, take for granted. Our commitment is to create performances that appeal to every age group, from young to old people. No matter the age, everyone deserves to be treated and respected equally. We believe there is no difference between making theatre for young audiences and adults, from the process of making to every creative aspect of a production of a theatre show. We aim making a step towards shaping the future audience by telling stories that move, makes you think and laugh, and above all create theatre that respects its audience in every way.






A play for the little ones to learn and for the older ones to remember! Or rather, the little ones to remember and the adults to learn… Sweet, tender, human, touching, humorous, childlike, musical, trying to tell the children what they already know (and maybe even remind it to their parents): that we are all the same despite our diversity. And it does so not through a teaching character but from a game that shows us the beauty of setting goals, hunting them and making them happen. The subtle sceneries (which are often created by the bodies of the actors themselves, as well as the surprising costumes stimulate the imagination of the children, while the inventive music and choreography try to familiarise them with classical composers but also with the cultures of other people. What touched me the most is that new creators find so imaginative and special ways to comment on serious issues of our time and “educate” young and adults… So don’t miss any opportunity, go see this show with friends & family